How to protect yourself against cyber criminals

If you receive a suspicious email, telephone call or other solicitation referencing Unicorn Blue or a Unicorn Blue officer, consider the following recommendations:

  • Do not open or click on any links contained in the email, and do not open or download any attachments to the email. Some fraudulent emails include links or attachments that can plant malware on the recipient’s computer. Delete the suspicious email from your account immediately.
  • Never provide any personal information.
  • Never cash a check and/or send money in response to a suspicious solicitation.
  • Report suspicious solicitations to:
    •  your local police department or other governmental authorities.
    • for spoof, phishing or scam emails or websites where the intent is a financial transaction: contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), comprising the FBI and other agencies at this link 
    • for spoof, phishing or scam emails sent to your email address in the United States: read the Federal Trade Commission’s page  at this link 
  • Report suspicious spoofing emails from Unicorn Blue by email to us at before entering into any transaction; we’ll tell you if the email came from us, or if it didn’t come from us.