fraud alert

It has come to our attention, thankfully through some good Samaritans, that we have had our identity and image “stolen” by an unscrupulous operator. We immediately alerted the Action Fraud Office in the UK, and are going through the process of having this unscrupulous person brought to justice.

It’s not a pleasant experience to see one’s image being used in this way. Neither is it a pleasant experience having to write about it, though we had no choice but to come public while we tackle the issue as best as we can.

All we wish to say is that we do not charge upfront fees, we do not engage in investments, and we do not email market for investment business.

Our Terms & Conditions page strongly recommends clients take legal advice before entering into any transaction to proposals put forward to them by Unicorn Blue.

Our website has been verified by Sectigo and holds a valid security certificate.

We follow a process of fact finding in all the consultancies that we do. If we judge that we lack the competency to undertake an assignment, either we will team up with a partner that has the competency(ies), or we do not undertake the assignment at all.