Caveat Emptor

Unicorn Blue is a multi-disciplined consulting firm with a meeting office in Italy and the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, as is the case with consulting firms operating either virtually or traditionally, fraudsters sometimes use the firm’s name and firm officers’ names to try to scam innocent people. Attempted frauds may be set in motion by email, telephone or traditional mail.

Email scams and other security risks abound on the Internet. While we vigilantly monitor suspicious activity, the nature of “phishing,” “spoofing” and other fraudulent emails makes it impossible for Unicorn Blue to prevent the unauthorized use of our name and our officers’ names in all cases.

A common scam involves fraudsters falsely claiming that a law firm or a firm lawyer is handling a business matter, many times a business consulting, financial consulting, an eviction, and threatening to take punitive action if the victim of the scam fails to provide personal information (for example, date of birth, Social Security number, bank and account information, and credit card information) and funds immediately.

Fraudsters also illicitly use consulting firm names in scams involving counterfeit checks that are mailed to unsuspecting victims, along with a request that the victim cash or deposit the check, send most of the funds to a third party and keep the balance of the funds. When the bank determines the check is counterfeit, the victim may be liable for any funds the bank disbursed.

Spoofing emails that appear to come from a reliable source, including Unicorn Blue, attempt to cause reputational damage by publishing unfounded allegations against individuals, entities and institutions.